Cheverly Parent Resource Center: Spring Break 2016

I just had a conversation with a prospective future Cheverly resident who is also a mom of young kids. I told her that Cheverly has a ton of fun options for moms and dads to connect with other neighborhood moms and dads. In fact, if you feel disconnected and you are at stay at home parent (especially) then well… I’m shocked. You have no excuse. Cheverly is seriously one of the easiest neighborhoods in which to meet and connect with others. Why? We have a great organization for Cheverly parents called CPRC: Cheverly Parents Resource Center. I love many things about this group, but one of my favorite things is the field trips we take in the fall and spring. Every year the group has daily activities for Spring Break! This year they are heading to Oxon Hill Farm, Silver Stars in Bowie, Watkins Park, Ice Skating, and Pump It Up!  Unfortunately I’ve never been able to attend many of these, but they were definitely God sends for my nanny. If you haven’t signed up for CPRC, you can join for a mere $20 a year. CPRC is one of the many reasons I Choose Cheverly…


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