Save Up To 323K And Move To Cheverly!


From an article on Estately: While most Metro stops were priced similarly to their neighbors, there were a few where there was a huge jump in price. The median home price near Medical Center Metro Station is $755,000, but riders that remain on the Red Line for one more stop would pay $386,000 for a home near Grosvenor-Strathmore Metro Station. In fact, the $369,000 saved would be enough to buy two homes around the Suitland Metro Station on the Green Line.

So here’s the skinny. Estately mapped home prices for 6 months, 1 mile from each Metro station. They came up with the map above indicating how much it could potentially cost to live near every station. Cheverly rounds out at 230K while Stadium Armory, 2 stops down comes out to 553,500K. The difference? 323,500K. You have the potential to save 323K by looking 2 Metro stops down the orange line.

Are you looking to buy near a Metro station? Interested in having a backyard, a close knit community, a safe neighborhood, then Cheverly could be the place for you!

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