Run, Cheverly, Run!


Hello friends! I’m finally back to the land of the living after having fought a hard battle with influenza A last week. Today I have a great post for you. Thank you to Samantha  who wrote up something on the Cheverly running club. I had no idea that Cheverly had a running club until she mentioned it (and it sounds rather interesting!!) so here you go:

Are you the type of person that sets your alarm on your only days off to exercise?  Before I moved to Cheverly, I wasn’t either.  In recent months, however, I find that I set my alarm for before my family awakes and lace up my running shoes, excited to join our little Cheverly Running Club at the Bladensburg Waterfront.  While a running club is not unique to many towns, ours is unlike any other because of the diversity of its membership, and its unique proximity to great trails. I jumped at the chance when Lisa suggested I write a post on my experience.

There are lots of parts of our run that are therapeutic. I mean c’mon, its exercise. It releases wonderful endorphins which just make you a happier person. It’s also outdoors, and for a lot of us stuck inside most of the workday, it’s a chance to get some fresh air.  Running is a pretty cheap way to exercise. And as our running club shows, you don’t have to sweat it alone.

Most days, we aren’t the only ones at the Bladensburg waterfront right when it opens.  There are often large groups of rowers stretching and putting their boats in the Anacostia River.  We almost always run the trails from here, but no run is ever quite the same.  There was one time we saw a great blue heron.  There have been runs that our socks and shoes were so soaked we were left with blisters for days.  Then there are the riveting conversations where we fix all of the world’s problems.   Recent topics included the history of stomach microbes, gun control, oil prices, religion, foreigner’s reactions to American holidays such as Valentine’s Day, and of course the quintessential pros and cons of having young children.

There are basically four of us who show up on a regular basis (though about a dozen others are seasonal.) Ian is British economist by day and amateur salsa dancer by night who almost exclusively lives on beer and fish.  He also lost about a hundred pounds, and credits running as a huge contributor to his success.   Bethany is a PhD-toting science writer who grew up all over the country and knows about more stuff than anyone I have ever met. If there was a scientific study on a particular topic, chances are Bethany has read most of it. She’s a coffee fanatic who also has an amazing tattoo of a caffeine molecule on her back that she has to hide when she’s attending fancy work events.   Lovannia is a social worker and general tough lady who doesn’t know how to miss a run. She runs through injury or sub-freezing weather or heat wave without batting an eyelash.  Lovannia recently moved out of Cheverly, but commutes back to meet us most weekends—it’s that fun, people.  Then there’s me.  A former farm kid turned lobbyist and is intrigued but the very different yet fascinating people who occupy my early morning runs. I firmly believe that that without the diversity and quirkiness of our little town, we never would have met, let alone become fast friends.

While there are many reasons one can chose Cheverly, my little running club is part of the reason I love this town.  If you’d like to join this motley crew of recreational runners, feel free to email me at  All paces and running experience welcome.

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