Fresh Fruits and Veggies Delivered To Cheverly

I’m so excited to tell you that sign up is now for our local CSA! Would you like fresh fruits and veggies delivered to Cheverly Ave on Wednesday once a week? (or bi-weekly)  I bought into the program a year ago and have been really pleased with the amounts I’ve been given for $40 a week. I’ve left more info for you from a current member below. Please sign up so that we can keep the food delivery in Cheverly going…

Spiritual Food CSA offers Biodynamic and organic food year round with weekly or bi-weekly pick ups in 8 locations in the Washington DC metropolitan area.  We see small farmers as hope for life on the planet and Biodynamic Agriculture as the forefront of the effort by healing the soil.  I got the chance to go out to the farm and was able to spend time with the farmers and see them in action.  I cannot even begin to compare the true love for the earth, animals and plants that I saw that day to the factory farming that is now the origin of most of our country’s food.

This is a consumer-based CSA working with multiple farms.  About 75% of the share is comprised of vegetables from Kimberton CSA, a certified Biodynamic and Organic farm in Pennsylvania supplemented with fresh and dried fruit and eggs weekly plus bread and popular grains, legumes and cheese in monthly rotation for a nutritious balanced diet.  Additional items are available to order.

Volunteering opportunities enrich the experience while serving the community and deepening connections.  (Not required)

Spiritual Food CSA is rooted in an alternative economic paradigm that leads to elevating farmers to the important role they play for the survival of society and establishes the foundation for relationships amongst individuals based on spiritual rather than materialistic principles.  The School of Life of Bethesda, MD, a spiritually-based yoga community, sponsors this CSA offering various programs for those who are interested.

“All of the amazing food I get every week, plus the incredible and easy recipes shared by members on the list serve, has taught me so much about what I put into my body and how much control I really have over my total health.”

Register NOW for the next season or year round options. or 301-654-4899 or

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