Weekend Nuggets



So I’ve been MIA. We have had a crazy few weeks full of influenza a (yes, there is a ‘type’ of influenza), guests for a week in a half, and spring break! And boy oh boy I’m ready for some sort of ‘normal’! (or maybe this is the new normal?!) My husband wanted me to let my readers know that we successfully pulled off putting together 20 slow cooker meals from Aldi. It was quite the experience for me. I had so much meat in my shopping cart that I could barely push it. But alas, I got it home and we have loved every meal. It has really helped in our day to day stress level. So make sure you check it out. Besides our Aldi meals, we have had a few visits to our local favorite, La Fondita! If you like spice, try their chorizo taco with a side of chips and salsa. You cannot beat the price and the freshness of the food. The ambiance is another story…

Somehow I missed reading the Cheverly newsletter for April. I looked it up online this morning and found out a few fun nuggets for us. You can walk to these activities friends. Ahh, the beauty of our crazy busy community means that there is always something to do and you won’t ever have to leave our town. Ha! A couple of my favorites for this week are: The Home Security Expo and Spring Flea Market. The Expo is sponsored by the Cheverly Police (and this is the first security expo they have sponsored so go and make it a success) and they say that it’s “designed for the homeowner who does not have the time to commit to a personal security survey at their home. This Expo will feature easy to find, purchase, and install locks, lighting, and other security items that are designed to deter burglary and theft. Displays will include actual hardware and security systems, information and tips on installation of these items, and firsthand explanation on how these security tools can protect your home and family. The Expo will be held at the police station on April 9, 2016, between 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM, to include a guided tour of the station and light refreshments.”  The same day at the same place our town is having a Spring Flea Market in the gym from 9-2. Head out to both and make Saturday a great day. And Happy Spring, even though it doesn’t feel like it outside 🙂 Lisa

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