Small Town Parade



Who knew that when I moved from Capitol Hill to a place a few minutes away called Cheverly, MD (on the boarder of DC) I would live in a ‘town’ with a ‘parade’. Don’t only small towns or really large cities have parades? In my experience, the answer is “yes”! And that is why I refer to Cheverly as a small town inside a big city. People complain all the time around here that they have to fight traffic to meet up with friends or to go to activities. That has not been my experience living in Cheverly. Thank God. And I mean this. I could never survive city living without a rooted community and thankfully Cheverly is that to me. Back to the parade discussion, I’m all in. It’s only been the crazy things I’ve done in life that I fully remember- like the time I got on a 5am bus to NYC on a whim or my last minute weekend trip to the Bahamas. Because my life has taken a notch down in the crazy department (although hanging out with my young boys can be very exciting), I’ve decided that taking part in the Cheverly parade will be my crazy! I’m working on trying to secure my parents trailer. If that can be done, I’m all in. I plan to order I Choose Cheverly t-shirts and that is what I call crazy. It seriously makes me laugh. I’ve never participated in any parade. The thought of it terrifies me as much as standing up in front of a large group and speaking…but hey, it’s different and fun and I can’t wait. Now is where you come in. I’ve met a few people who have bought here in Cheverly and one of the ways they found out about Cheverly was through this blog. If that is you, will you please comment below or send me an email to: I’d love to have you in a t-shirt too walking along side me and a few others. Now, did you all hear that the mayor is hosting a parade clinic this Saturday from 10- noon at the Town Park Gazebo. And in case you are interested, you can find links for sites that have great ideas on the parade page of the Cheverly Day site: and you can get the parade application here:

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  1. AmyJean says:

    The Frys are in!!!

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