OLD is the new NEW

Don’t laugh at my the headline. It’s true and you’d you know if you watch HGTV’s show with Nicole Curtis: Rehab Addict. If Nicole Curtis were in our area, she would be obsessed with this home on Belleview Ave that’s for sale.  My co-worker and I were just discussing the fact that her new neighbors TORE UP their old bathroom. Ahhhh….you don’t tear up these old fabulous bathrooms, friends. Don’t do it! The old tile, the old tubs, they are gems. Don’t go with the new, old is the new new. These bathrooms from this home, believe me, are amazing. Look at the built in cabinets. These cost a fortune! Just paint them white…and the radiator covers all over this house…ahhh….I love them! Look at the beautiful brick work in the fireplace. Personally, I’d paint it- but the brick work you just cannot find in these new homes. If I can make it, I will most definitely be at this open house on Sunday from 1-3.

On another note, all of my favorite homes that have been on the market in recent days have sold RIGHT AWAY! Hallelujah. I cannot wait to meet whoever buys this fabulous home. And remember, don’t tear up these old beautiful bathrooms. Old is the new new.


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