Cheverly T- Ball

T-ball. I never played but my husband did and we have made the trek all the way to his small town in Kansas to visit the field. He often talks about throwing the ball with his town friends and even wants to fly back for a reunion game. I get it. Those are cherish memories from his childhood. I’m quite certain that my boys will have the same type of memories. Secretly I hope and pray that they never move away and will be able to teach their own kids on the Cheverly Town Park fields. My small town, Cheverly, has their own baseball and t-ball teams. Evaluations were last night at Town Park. My boys reunited with their neighbor friends while I got to catch up (while being interrupted every other min) with my friends. This is the reuniting that takes place after the winter ends and the weather starts to change. I get to see friendly faces that I haven’t seen in months. (while we were all hibernating inside our homes) Anyhow, I just have to throw it out there (again) that I feel so blessed to live in this community. Last night Cheverly took on its small town feel. Joe Ruddy (who is in charge of Cheverly Boys and Girls Club) got out Cheverly’s baseballs which were in storage and the parents took over giving baseball drills and having the kids run around the fields. I even threw a ball or two (captured in the pic above by a friend) while my husband was at the airport trying to Facetime his family. Ha. What  a night! Even if you don’t have kids, come out on Saturday mornings to see our boys and girls play. It will be well worth your time.

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