What in the world is the Cheverly Prom?!


Prom?! Oh lovely. I hated prom. It was not one of my best high school memories, by far. That’s why when I moved to town I flat out ignored the Cheverly Prom news. Who would want to dress up in formals with their friends to go to Cheverly’s gym? Not me. And besides, I didn’t know anyone in Cheverly so it wasn’t really on my things to do list. Fast forward to 2014. A friend of mine in Cheverly told me that I HAD to go to Prom. It was fun, after all…

I went and had a blast. 2015, sitter was booked early and we went again. (see picture above) In 2015 we dressed up like we were in the Mad Men era (1060s) and last year we dressed for the 1970s. Here I am in the photo booth with my husband at our first Prom:


We loved it. But I have to admit, I still don’t ‘understand’ it. So for all of you newbies in town…here’s what I know: You either get tickets by yourself or you grab some friends to buy a table. (You need to buy these tickets tomorrow or they will be sold out- I will provide the info you need below) Some creative folks in town (you don’t have to do this)  decide to dress up their table with table decor and they dress to go with the theme. Some dress up, some dress down, some go in costume. You get the idea. Dress how YOU want to dress. (so why do we call this prom?!) Everyone brings food and you enjoy a potluck with all your friends and neighbors. You eat, take pics at the photo booth, drink (bring your own- there is plenty all around) and dance. A DJ comes and you might just see me on the dance floor doing the motions to YMCA. Anyone else line dance? So it’s fun. It’s tons of fun. Buy a ticket tomorrow. Open your home for a pre-party and get ready to dance 🙂

SAVE THE DATE! CHVProm 2016 is on Friday, May 20th from 8:00pm – midnight. CHVProm kicks off Cheverly Day with music, dancing, great food, drinks and prizes! Start brainstorming with your friends now to win the “Best Decorated Table” contest! This year’s theme is “Timeless.”

Tickets will go on sale  Wednesday, April 20 and sell out quickly every year! Individual tickets are $15 per person or you can buy a full table of 12 for $180. Individual tickets and tables of 12 will be sold at Town Hall during normal business hours, CHECK OR MONEY ORDER ONLY. Alternatively, you can purchase a table directly from committee member Robin Kaye (noles_fanatic at yahoo.com or 301-404-0343).  Please note- THERE ARE NO ADVANCED TICKET SALES OR RESERVATIONS. Please contact committee chair Lane Thompson at lane.thompson@yahoo.com  or 202-674-6898 if you have any questions or would like to volunteer for planning, set-up, or cleanup.

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