Looking For Affordibility? The Hunt Is Fierce

“The Hunt is Fierce” according to a Washington Post article about real estate in Maryland. The article goes on to explain that people are moving to Prince George’s County from Alexandria to “look for affordability”. Duh. I’m so glad people are finally figuring this out. And the best place to look for affordability, in my opinion, is Cheverly. If you don’t believe me, spend some time reading this blog and let me know in the comment section where I could find such a close knit community–anywhere– within the beltway.

 Montgomery and Prince George’s counties are seeing an increase in home sales compared with this time last year. According to multiple listing service MRIS, year-to-date closed sales in the first three months of 2016 rose by 7.8 percent in Montgomery County and 12.3 percent in Prince George’s County compared with the same period in 2015.

“The Maryland market is strong, with a higher percentage of growth in closed sales than D.C. and Northern Virginia,” Hill says. “Northern Virginia had a year-to-date increase of 2.6 percent while D.C. had a 4.3 percent increase. However, the Maryland suburbs had a 9.9 percent jump over the same period last year. One-third of all sales in March were detached single-family homes with four bedrooms. Maryland, especially Prince George’s County, has a bigger supply of affordable homes than the other jurisdictions.”

Richardson says Redfin agents continue to see buyers moving from Alexandria or other parts of Northern Virginia into Prince George’s County to look for affordability.

I’m so glad that the two houses have sold above. If your house looks good, people are looking to buy in Cheverly…I just wish the media would cover that more 🙂 Ok, off my soap box for today!


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