Real Estate: My Little Secret

Disclaimer: These pictures are just horrible compared to what this house looks like in person. It is a true gem. Flipped by an amazing contractor, (we have become acquainted) this home is full of beautiful detailed work. Everything inside is new. See the bricks leading up to the front door? I watched the workers lay each one down slowly paying close attention to detail. I am seriously obsessed with this house! So here’s my little secret-after having been worked on for 2 years, it will be on the market soon! Yes, very soon. If you know someone in the market, now is the time for them to get the papers ready to make an offer. Ahhhh….. Love these Cheverly homes!

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  1. Kate says:

    Any idea on when this house will go on the market? My husband and I are actively looking as we speak!

    1. lisawink2014 says:

      Hi Kate! This house is so beautiful. I believe this house should be on the market very soon- I want to say in the next week or two. I will check again with the contractor and let you know. Hope you can find something great. Lisa

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