Pushing Past The City Limits

High Prices in the District are pushing more home buyers past the city limit: “Buyers who have been looking in Columbia Heights often start looking in Takoma Park, Silver Spring, Hyattsville, Cheverly and Mount Rainier,” Owens said. “If they can live in a place with restaurants or bars in walking distance, that’s a bonus, too.”

Unfortunately, Owens said, competition is stiff in those locations, and homes within an easy commute by Metro receive multiple offers. 

I’ve been screaming this same message for a couple years now….MOVE TO CHEVERLY. And this Washington Post article has helped confirm what I’ve already thought, people ARE moving to Cheverly. They are pushing past the city limits. Read on, friends. Read on.

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  1. Todd says:

    Is that stone house with the rounded windows on the market or coming soon? I’ve been watching the new listings and I haven’t seen this one before. What is the address? It’s beautiful.

    1. lisawink2014 says:

      Hi Todd! No, unfortunately it is not for sale! It is a beautiful home. Hope you can find something else.

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