I had to head over to Annapolis yesterday to go to the Urgent Care with my youngest. (pink eye) I had such a lovely experience at an urgent care there that I actually thought about writing an entire blog post about it. It was that wonderful. Right?! I never thought I’d say that an urgent care was lovely, but it was. Don’t worry, I won’t keep this secret to myself- you will just have to keep reading to find the name.

Do you all know that Annapolis is a 20-25 min drive away? Do you know that it takes longer for me to get to the Silver Spring Trader Joes than it does to drive to the Annapolis location? If you are new to Cheverly and haven’t figured this out yet, Annapolis IS close and Annapolis IS awesome. Live on Capitol Hill…hmmm…Annapolis is not super close–you might only visit Annapolis once a year. Live in Cheverly…hmmm…you might frequent Annapolis on a weekly basis. #reasonswhyichoosecheverly

Annapolis is home to my favorite summer outdoor restaurant, Cantlers.  It has a lot of my favorite consignment stores, see this post. It has an amazing mall which houses California Pizza Kitchen. (They makes my favorite gluten free pizza with goat cheese–and I usually say a big NO to chain restaurants)  Annapolis has a Whole Foods, a Trader Joes, an amazing Amish bakery/market, and much much more. And now they have my favorite urgent care that is open until midnight. They have an amazingly nice staff and a pediatrician… This is a huge God send to me because I have now found a place to take my kids after work! Why did it take this long to figure this out?! Call and make an appointment  first if you can and you will get in and out.

So there you have it. Annapolis is a lovely place to visit–and you will definitely visit it more if you choose to live in Cheverly.


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  1. Amy says:

    Nice post. Our dentist is in Annapolis, Dr. Fedra Witting, she is wonderful.

    1. lisawink2014 says:

      That’s great to know! Thanks for commenting Amy.

  2. Liz E. says:

    Love, love l, love Annapolis! If you don’t want to drive to Annapolis for urgent care, PM Pediatrics in Greenbelt is also open until midnight. They don’t do appointments but we have never had to wait more than 10 minutes and the docs are wonderful!

    1. lisawink2014 says:

      This is really helpful!

  3. Luanne Smith says:

    Annapolis is also very dog-friendly. There are many times when we put the dogs in the SUV head down, park at the Academy and walk out the gate to hang out at the harbor. Most places that have outdoor seating will not only let you sit and eat with your dogs, but they bring out a water bowl for our four-legged family members. Many a date night spent in Annapolis.

    1. lisawink2014 says:

      Good to know! Thanks for sharing!

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