Starbucks, Movie Theater, Mega Grocery Store


Big big news, friends. Big, big news. Last night at the Cheverly T-ball practice (in the town gym which was loads of fun and full of energy) I learned about a new development that’s only 3 miles away from Cheverly called NewCity DC. It will be at the corner of Bladensburg and 50. (which I pass everyday driving to work) The same development group that built the Hecht Warehouse District–where we have the new Planet Fitness, Mom’s Organic etc. is the one in charge of NewCityDC. Here is a description of the new site:

The 15-acre triangular site, which Douglas controls largely through contracts, is bounded by New York Avenue, Montana Avenue and Bladensburg Road NE.Matthew Jemal, a Douglas vice president, said NewCityDC is currently planned for 550,000 square feet of retail, a 108-room hotel, 200 apartments and 2,800 parking spaces.

Initial renderings and site plans, designed by Antunovich Associates (the same firm that tackled the Hecht Warehouse District), suggest Douglas is angling for a mega 130,000-square-foot grocery store (Wegmans?), an 80,000-square-foot retail anchor, a movie theater or other entertainment venue, a bank, four junior anchors and upward of a dozen restaurants.

NewCityDC, at roughly 1.5 million square feet, is another piece of the master plan. It is located a stone’s throw from the National Arboretum, a mile and a half from the Costco and the Lowe’s-anchored Shops at Dakota Crossing, and three miles from the Prince George’s County line. Nearly 72,000 vehicles pass by it daily on New York Avenue.

“Hecht Town,” a collection of shipping containers located on the north side of New York Avenue NE, is another Douglas effort.

“The container village we are building across the street from the Hecht Warehouse will resemble Boxpark in London,” Matthew Jemal said. “We’ll have outdoor concerts, a flea market on weekends and other things like that to keep it fun.”

Ok, someone pull me up from off the floor. Do you all know Boxpark in London? It’s such a fun place. Bring the fun to NY Ave, please…

So that is NewCityDC. We might have another Wegmans, but we definitely will have a close movie theater and shops. I’m all for it.

As for the other picture I included above, what is happening near the DC Costco and Lowes? I’m glad you asked. The Shops at Dakota Crossing have just announced some new stores that will be coming soon. Starbucks, Chipotle, an Upscale TGIFridays, Burger Place and Vitamin Shop.

There you have it. We have many cool stores coming within a 3 mile radius of Cheverly. Boom.

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  1. We should collaborate. I have a few ideas that may be of interests to your community. I host the blog which covers Fort Lincoln in DC, we are practically neighbors.

    1. lisawink2014 says:

      Would love to, Robert. I will email soon.

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