Plan B



No parade. No softball game. Thank you weather! I really don’t want to be a Debbie downer here, but alas, I must.  I’m just bummed that the weather will not cooperate for Cheverly Day. Nevertheless, we have a plan B and the Prom is still taking place tonight (FUN) alongside a full list of activities for tomorrow. (in the gym)  Looks like food truck will be around so make sure to stop by and grab some food.

There is so many great things happening in our town. Let’s focus on those…  Did you know that we are having many bidding wars and that homes are starting to list higher than ‘the norm’ of the last few years. Two homes on Cheverly Ave had 8-9 bidders. That’s great news for all of us. And Cheverly gets even better once the pool opens. Geesh. It’s going to freeze tomorrow (not really, but it will be cold) and then the pool is going to open in a week. What?!

Hope to see you all tonight. Can’t wait to dance!

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