Happy 85th Birthday Cheverly


Seriously, what a great weekend. Even though we didn’t have a parade and even though we had to go with our Plan B, I really enjoyed seeing my friends and celebrating our neighborhood together. Here’s a text from one of my closest:

“______ and I were joking tonight about how love of Cheverly is getting out of hand. I’m getting a tat of Cheverly! I’m donating my organs to Cheverly! I’m sitting here cracking up so hard that I’m crying!”

I’m turning that text into an Onion type story piece about love for our hood. What a great, great weekend though. I danced for 3 hours or more at the Cheverly Prom and I’m proud to say that the DJ told me that I was his favorite. (probably because I didn’t ever leave the dance floor) Once a year folks! And the next day I was exhausted…  I have so much I could say about the weekend but unless you’ve lived here a year or two, you wouldn’t understand. Once you’ve arrived in Cheverly, unpacked and joined an organization or two to meet people, you’ve drunk the kool-aid and most likely have a crush on our town. What a town! What a town! Here are some pics from the prom. The photo booth was a blast and the decor on the tables was amazing. I even tried to get a pic of the queen and king of prom. Ha!!

So happy 85th Cheverly. I will post more pics later this week!


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