Let’s Talk Cheverly Homes


This is my youngest darling boy. This morning he wanted to go with me on my walk. He ran, I walked. And then something funny happened. He stood in front of this house and said, “Mommy, the path is so beautiful. The house is so beautiful!” I laughed out loud. My boys have been dragged to open houses more than a few times and they must always hear me talking about real estate. Ha! I had to share it. Today’s post is going to be about real estate. It is longer than most so I hope I don’t lose you. Feel free to comment. I love your opinions. Here are my boys at an open house this weekend:


Lovely huh?!

I love homes that need fixing up. Why? I blame it on my dad who has a ton of money but won’t ever drink a cup of coffee at Starbucks. He’d rather get the cheap cup from McDonalds. He was a fixer upper. I’m not but I love to fork out money to contractors to have them fix it up, especially if I can get a good deal on a home. I have vision. This type of vision:

Yes. This is the second home I bought in Cheverly. I walked right in and it was a dream  come true. 3000 square feet full of work. But…3000 square feet! That sealed the deal. I bought it for cheap and had it renovated. That brings me to the point of this post which is: there are a ton of great options for home buyers on the market right now. 3 homes in particular (one went on the market on Sunday and the other today) and one fixer upper.


The prices vary on all these homes. I can honestly say that any of the top 3 are good investments. The one on the bottom is located on a beautiful street and has so much potential. It is listed for 214…so can you imagine what 100K would do for this home? I’d love to get my hands on it if I wasn’t a full time worker (outside the home) and mom. The Cheverly Market is looking good friends. Keep speading the word on social media using #ichoosecheverly and #cheverlyhomes


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