Let’s Get This Party Started!


You will hear me say this a million times this summer (I’m so sorry)…but I just LOVE the Cheverly Pool. Now if you don’t know about the Cheverly Pool or if you are thinking about moving to the neighborhood, this will be like the icing on the Cheverly cake. Seriously, this is the best community pool. Why? Because all my neighbors go there. It’s like having a built in social club for 3 months. I realize I’m an extrovert but it is seriously hard for me to plan meet up times with friends (except at the last minute) so this solves my problem. My two boys are pictured above. My neighbors not only look out for my boys, they have encouraged them to take risks in swimming and played with them in the sand pit, volleyball court and park. If you are looking for a home in our area, get on the Cheverly Pool list now. It doesn’t cost money but unfortunately the wait list is long. So yeah for the opening day of the pool! (which is this Sat, btw) Now let’s get this party started!

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  1. Marianne M. says:

    My dad built those picnic tables! I’d guess it was in the early 90s, so they have held up really well.

    1. lisawink2014 says:

      That is really cool. Is he still in the area?

  2. Luanne Smith says:

    Denny Montgomery is still in Town! He is married to retired St. Ambrose teacher and former Pool Board member, Teri Montgomery. Teri and Denny raised their two children, Marianne and Andrew in Town. Marianne and Andrew both worked at the Pool growing up. Great, long-time Cheverly family.

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