Free (Mostly) Summer Events



Oh friends and neighbors of Cheverly: I feel a bit overwhelmed thinking about all of the free activities our area provides during the summer. Why? I want to go to all of them and almost all are free! (huge bonus) The list is truly endless and we live so close to so many areas that are hosting these events.  Hands down, I have to hand it to the Prince Georges County Parks and Recreation. They have sent out a huge brochure listing all of their summer concerts, movie nights etc. Instead of having you all search the web, I’ve done all the dirty work for you. Just click on the area you want to visit and see all their info. Below the names of the areas, I plan to highlight my favorite activities.

Prince Georges County Parks and Recreation: brochure here

National Harbor: List is found here

Yards Park Friday Concert Series: List is found here

DC: List is found here

Annapolis Friday Concert Series: Info is here

Cheverly Pool Events: Info is here

Union Market Drive in Movies: Info is here

My favorites? I’m glad you asked.

Date night at the National Harbor on Thursday nights from 7-9. Hitch is playing this week.

Sunday evening performances from 6-7:30 at the Bladensburg Waterfront Park. (just down the road from Cheverly)

Thursday night concerts at Watkins Regional Park at 7pm.

Oxon Hill Manor Summer Concert Series; Tuesday June 12 from 6:30-9 they have summer jazz for $5 per person. Tuesday Aug 16 from 6:30-9 they have reggae and rum where you can sip rum! $10 per person.

Family Fun at Watkins Regional Park. On Tuesdays in July from 5-8 and on Fridays in August from 5-8, Watkins will give you unlimited rides on their train and carousel and mini golf for one price per person.

Watkins Family Fun and Fitness Nights. 7pm is workout time and then you watch a movie at dusk. Friday June 17 Star Wars is on!

I told you we have many options! Hope to see you all at some. Happy Summer!

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