Peace Vigil



This morning I saw this post on my Facebook feed. I just so happened to be walking on our Town Park track last night when I saw people piled into the entrance of our Community Center. I wondered what in the world was happening on a Wednesday night to bring so many people out? I completely forgot about the Orlando vigil. I wanted to share this woman’s Facebook post and picture so all my readers could see. Grateful to live in a community that seeks out peace.

Tonight I had to try and explain a mass shooting to our 7-year-old. For a long time he’s known that “Mommy tries to keep kids safe from guns,” but I’ve purposely been vague with him about what that means. But tonight I had to tell him.

I am so grateful for my community in Cheverly. Because just after I told him about it we went to our town’s Orlando vigil, where he heard our community sing and remember and mourn and pledge to take action. Thanks to all of you who model beloved community for ___________.

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