Cheverly Commute

With all this talk about the Metro shutdown, I thought I would spend some time this morning talking about my morning commute. Cheverly residents already know this information, but for those of you unfamiliar with Cheverly, this post is for you. Cheverly has an amazing commute. It’s really wonderful for me because I work at the Capitol. For those who work on Capitol Hill, living in Cheverly is a no brainer. Why? You can drive in with missing almost all the crazy traffic or you can Metro and get off at Cap South without changing trains. What about further west? My husband works in the DuPont Circle area and takes the Cheverly Metro. He never seems to complain although I know it takes him longer to get to work than it does for me. An advantage to taking the Cheverly Metro? Ample parking. Most station parking lots are fairly full and if you don’t arrive by a certain time, you might not have a space. Not so in Cheverly. You can also take the Metro bus from Cheverly Ave to the Metro…or there is walking, which I prefer.

So here is a map of my commute:

map 2

20 minutes. Little traffic. But to prove my point about Cheverly’s short commute time, look at the following:

Map 3

If you study the map a bit, you will see that Cheverly is right on the boarder of DC. We are the last exit if you are heading  west or into DC (or first if you are headed East away from the city) and because we are the last exit on both the BW Parkway and Route 50, we miss all the backup coming into the city from Maryland. This is why Cheverly is so ideal. We are cornered in surrounded by two major highways that allow for a quick trip into the city streets. We don’t have to cross the congested bridges from Virginia and we don’t have to drive on 495 (thank God). 270? No thank you. You couldn’t pay me to sit in traffic like some do on a daily basis.

I hear it all the time from my friends: “I can’t afford to live in the city and have a reasonably sized home with a backyard so I guess I’ll move out to Prince William County in Virginia or Annapolis in Maryland.”

My response: “So you want to move way out only to have an affordable home with a terribly long commute?  Cheverly might be your answer.”

Seriously folks. Don’t waste your life sitting in your car. Soon Cheverly will have bike trails that will take you downtown. You can row from Bladensburg Waterfront. You can drive and miss most all of the bumper to bumper traffic. And get this?! You can find a house in the 300K range. (with a backyard, pool, parks…and it’s safe!)

So choose to have a shorter commute. Choose Cheverly.


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