Let’s Talk About: Cheverly Pool


I swear I could talk about this topic every day. It sounds crazy and maybe I am, but I definitely cherish my relaxation time—which is hard to come by when you live inside the Beltway. When I think of relaxation my mind goes to some tropical island or more specifically, Sanibel Island in Florida. I love the quietness the beach provides, the wide open space, the lounge chairs, and the warmth of the sun on my skin. That is what I’d call a vacation. What I’m about to say is no joke. The Cheverly Pool (to me) feels like a vacation. And now I plan to tell you why. They have lounge chairs. They have picnic tables. They have a sandbox, park, volleyball court, multiple tennis courts, fried food at the snack bar, candy and of course, ice cream.

I’m single or a married couple that doesn’t have children. Why should I join the pool? Great question. Cheverly is full of lots of kids and it seems like a great deal for families, but actually I know a lot of single people and couples who don’t have children who love the pool. Adult swim is every morning from 6:30-7:30 and it’s a great way to work out during the summer months. The pool is open until 9pm. Come relax during the weekdays in the evenings after work by lounging on a lounge chair with a good book. Order out for the pizza delivery service and have a nice meal with friends. Sundays are picnic days and they have a grill. Instead of making dinner for your friends at home, meet them at the pool and have a cook out. Play a few rounds of tennis on the well-manicured courts and join the adult volleyball team that plays in the evenings. More than any of that, the pool is a great way to get to know your neighbors and to build lasting friendships.

I have children and I’m curious as to why I should join the pool instead of going to other public pools in the area? (where I can pay per visit) Don’t get me started, I might not stop. Ha. My boys have developed the sweetest, most likely lifelong friendships in town that continue throughout the summer at the pool. Think about it. How difficult would it be to coordinate a group play date at a local public pool? Now instead of coordinating the play date, walk to the Cheverly pool and you will just happen to see a number of your friends. Your kids will have automatic playdates and the parents can catch up. Watch them run around with their friends to build sand castles in the sand pit or play together at the pool playground. This is why my boys love to go to the pool. They always have friends there. Not only are you watching out for your kids but so are a number of other parents that you know.  Your kids can also join the Cheverly Dolphin swim team and learn how to play tennis at the free tennis clinics. How about picnic lunch or dinner on a daily basis? It makes it so much easier on the family.

So there you have it. Ready to join? You can do so without putting down a deposit. Sign up here. Unfortunately the wait list is long- 2-3 years.

If you are a member at the pool, sign up for the google group listserv: People are always asking me why we don’t have a member to member Google Group for the Cheverly Pool like other swim clubs do. Good question!  It would make sense for all members to connect with each other for posts that relate to the pool:  Lost and Found, random questions, Information about pool events, Ride or Babysitter Shares, etc It’s a great way for members to connect and have 2 way conversations around all things Cheverly Pool related.  This is not another official pool email blast or site, it’s just a casual way for pool members and their guests to connect and share information with each other in a fast moving forum. Any Cheverly pool member or guest may join: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/thecheverlypool

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