Helping Each Other

Here’s the deal folks. Cheverly residents help one another out. I have seen this time and time again. It functions the way that I’ve been told churches should function. There are meal deliveries for new moms, the Cheverly Village which helps to meet the needs of our older residents, special flower/plant deliveries from the Cheverly Garden Club, free curb side giveaways, and crock pot swaps. A couple nights ago a group of moms got together to swap meals to save them some time in the kitchen. Everyone brought 8 meals and went home with 7.  Can someone tell me another neighborhood where this would happen? It’s not like these ladies all live on the same street. No—they live in the same neighborhood and surprise, they know one another! This is the community I’m talking about that takes place within the walls of our town. This is why I Choose Cheverly.



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