Ivy City: Gravitas


Hold onto your hats…I have some great news for you! Ivy City is going to rock. It already does in many ways but this new area will really be great for Cheverly residents. Only a couple miles away on New York Ave, there are some new shops popping up all the time. Today I found out that a restaurant called Gravitas will be opening near Mom’s Organic Market in Ivy City  this fall. Chef Matt Baker will preserve the exposed brick and bay windows of the space inside the former Pappas Tomato Factory building at 1401 Okie Street, Northeast, currently in the hands of Douglas Development—like many other buildings in the rapidly developing neighborhood. Together with designer Natalie Park, he’ll use living green walls and climbing ivy to make the dining room, mezzanine level, and rooftop bar look as lush as Darcy’s Estate in Pride & Prejudice. “I told Natalie, forget about anything that has been done in DC, DC doesn’t exist to us. Look at London, Sydney, look at places like Noma [in Copenhagen].”  Oh my word. Doesn’t that sound lovely?! Here is the description of the restaurant on their website: Gravitas is a uniquely American restaurant by Chef Matt Baker, taking you to places remembered and anew. Sourcing our products from local farms and waters, Gravitas highlights the abundant resources of the Chesapeake and surrounding areas. Every week we will create two unique 4-course menus, a Chef’s Tasting Menu and a Vegetarian Tasting Menu. Each menu will feature dishes comprised of the very best seasonal offerings of the field and market. Baker worked under Jose Andres at Minibar.

Three cheers to all of the new exciting possibilities for Ivy City. We are looking forward to the future.

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