A More Favorable County…

Now, with the county having more projects in the works than any other in Maryland, Baker says the heads of Montgomery County, Baltimore County and others find themselves trying to keep up, even stealing his old “economic engine” line.  “For the first time, our friends and our competitors look at us as if were on the same level because we are,” Baker said. “Once people try to outdo you, you know you’re not only in the game but you’re achieving, and that’s what is happening throughout Prince George’s County.”  Rushern Baker, resident of Cheverly.

Rushers Baker Prince George's County

BISNOW had a great article online a couple days ago entitled: “Investors see Prince George’s County as more favorable than Montgomery, Fairfax.” Amen. It’s about time. Here is one of the most interesting lines from the piece: It’s not just government officials who are touting the county’s growth (although they rarely miss an opportunity to do so). Major developers like Southern Management CEO David Hillman also see Prince George’s as a more promising investment than neighboring Montgomery County.   “The county to the west thinks they’re hot stuff,” David, who is building the $150M Hotel at UMD, said. “We do business there too, our graph here is going this way (pointing up) and theirs is going that way (pointing down). They have a conference center in Bethesda and our hotel is booking business that in the past has gone there.”

To this I say, thank you to all your hard work Rushern!

Purple Line Map

Besides the purple line, Rushern totes of other incredible projects that will be coming to our county. You can read more about it here.

Because of all the good news for our county, it is a good time to buy. Things are moving up and this will cause our housing prices to rise. I’ve been checking real estate daily to post for you all but there are very few properties on the market.

On another note, I’m on vacation. I will be on vacation for a couple weeks and I feel absolutely no pressure to keep up with this. The only thing on my mind is relaxing and spending quality time with family. If you don’t hear from me, that is why. I hope you all are having a wonderful summer. Lisa

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  1. Aimee says:

    You would have loved being at this event — a couple of hours of elected leaders and industry leaders talking about how Prince George’s County is the place to be!

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