Small Town Activities


Early Monday morning I headed out on a fishing excursion with my dad. I caught 3 fish- 2 sheep head and a large beautiful perch. Last night we ate the perch. I love life here in Wisconsin. I’m so grateful I get to have an extended vacation in a smaller town with little to no traffic. I’m also grateful for quiet moments in the middle of the lake.

Truthfully this is why I love Cheverly so much. I have achieved this level of peace while at the Cheverly Pool and taking walks on our trails or just enjoying walking to our ‘small town’ activities. (instead of driving miles around DC to get places) Speaking of small town activities, I was reading the Aug newsletter the other day and found out that the mayor is looking for home grown talent to inaugurate our new Town Park Stage. The Town of Cheverly is looking for some home grown talent in order to inaugurate our new stage in Town Park. Can you play an instrument? Can you sing? Can you dance? If so, we would like to hear from you. It’s not a competition, there will be no judging. It is just an opportunity for the community to come together and celebrate our new stage and share our talents with our neighbors. Our goal is to have an hour long show on a Sunday evening. If we get six acts, then each performer can have ten minutes to showcase their talents. Call the Town Offices during normal business hours to sign up. 

This is awesome. This is why Cheverly feels like a small mid-western town to me. Where else does this happen?! Can’t wait to see who participates. Look forward to seeing you all again soon. Until then,


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