More Homes Hit the Market


This home found on Hillside Ave is a whopping 2777 sq ft. For Cheverly standards, this is large. All in all, it looks great- new, large home but can I just say, please move the pods storage thing that is in front of the house for the pictures? And what is with the umbrella on the pic below? Come on. So ignore those small details and go take a look at this home. I know a lovely neighbor with 2 young kids a couple houses away.

Now you can save 100K (and miss out on 300 sq ft) by purchasing the home below. Again, a large house but needs tons of work. You know how I love the homes that need to be flipped. If you don’t mind fixing up a home, this would be a great option. I love the bones of it, I really do.


I happen to find this move in ready home fairly charming…however, it is smaller than the two above. Either way, it’s worth a look as it is on Lake Ave, one of my favorite streets.


I am excited to see these homes on the market because it means new families will be moving in to care and support our community.



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