The Value of $100

$100 Map-state-01

Did anyone else see this? I saw this story that the Tax Foundation put out while on vacation in Wisconsin. Talk about depressing. And the funny thing was that I kept having conversations with my mother about how cheap everything was. For instance, cutting and coloring my hair in Wisconsin was $95 at Aveda, the most expensive shop in town. Boy was that ever a bargain because the same cut and color on Capitol Hill where I go costs me $180. Did I mention that the Aveda gave me an awesome scalp massage and hand massage to boot? This same salon also had 90 minute massages for $95. I consider $100 reasonable for a 60 minute massage in Cheverly. During my stay I bought a few dresses from the thrift stores and ended up having them altered by a nice older lady in her home. She charged me $10 per dress. I got a new zipper on a dress a year ago here and it cost me $25. I truly believe this vacation saved me some $.

According to the map above, I did save some money. $100 is worth $107.07 in Wisconsin and is only worth $90.66 in Maryland and $84.67 in DC. Wow. Wow.

So what in the world does this have to do with Cheverly? I choose Cheverly for so many different reasons but a huge one (especially at the beginning) is that the houses are cheaper. You get more house for your buck. And added on top of that, you get an awesome safe community. The type of community Wisconsin cannot offer.

Take this home for example. It’s on the market right now for $365 at 1144 sq ft.


It’s move in ready with a beautiful screened in back porch. For the same amount your money could buy you NOTHING in Washington DC but a small condo. I checked Brookland as well and you cannot get anything for this price.

So while I have to spend lots of $ on so many other things in this area, it’s good to know that I have a nice large affordable home. Thank you, Cheverly.



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  1. Come buy this house and you will get fun neighbors (a few doors down)! 😉

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