Processing My Thoughts: Cheverly Pool


A new family moved into town a couple days ago and they happen to be 2 houses down from me. I’m so excited for them. It’s a strange thing to be so excited for strangers that I had never met (before yesterday). I genuinely think they have hit the jackpot. Upon meeting them I asked, “How did you find out about Cheverly?” She mentioned her husband’s co-worker lives in town and once they drove around, they loved it. Of course, they’d love a coffee shop or more stores nearby (isn’t that everyone’s wish?!) but they are very happy with the housing prices and the idea of a close knit community. I have to say a big AMEN to that.

Last night I paused as I looked out at the pool for the last time this year. This is my third summer at the pool and I feel the same every time I leave the pool at the end of the season. You might wonder what the heck? Why is it a huge deal that the pool is closing? Why do I have to stop and pause and thank God for the pool? Well, I’m glad you asked. The pool represents a lot of things to me, but one of the biggest isn’t just the swimming, (or aqua Zumba which I love) it’s the community I’m gifted with every time I go. Last week I struggled with some mild depression. One of the things that brought me out of it was a dinner party with some friends. When someone is depressed the tendency is to isolate. I am very good at that, even though I’m an extrovert. Community, conversation, friendship is one of the joys of life that can pull you out of yourself. The pool does that for me. I pack up my rolling cooler with some watermelon, snacks and water and head to the pool with my two boys. Upon arriving I catch up with people, some of whom I have on speed dial and others whom I only see at Cheverly events. Some are like me, others are completely opposite. In Cheverly we have something in common and that is our community. Some are single, some married with kids, some raised their kids in Cheverly and are finally retiring, some are Cheverly teenagers who are now lifeguards. We are different, but we are family. At the pool we picnic together, our children swim together, they play in the park and mud together, they build sand castles together, some play tennis, others play ping pong. For all of those moms and dads this summer who have cheered on my 6 year old when he went off the diving board for the first time, I say a huge thank you.  You have encouraged me to keep going as a parent, you have shared meals with me and have encouraged my boys to take big risks.

Enough processing for a Tuesday. Until next year, Cheverly Pool!

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