48 Hours in Cheverly


Huge thanks to a friend and neighbor, Jennifer B, who wrote this post. Community is one of the best things about living in Cheverly and she describes it well…

Although this blog is full of upcoming event announcements and colorful postings about past neighborhood celebrations, I thought it would be fun to give a recap of what a typical weekend looks like in our sweet town. So here is a brief play-by-play of 48 hours in Cheverly.

Friday, September 16th

6:00 pm – Friday Night Potluck

Responding to a last minute “our husbands are working late – let’s get together” group text, I showed up at a neighbor’s house, kids and salad in-tow, to be greeted by five other moms in the same situation. The next three hours we ate, drank wine and watched the kids play while husbands arrived. Mid-way through the night the kitchen was invaded by the sweetest group of near-teenage boys “Friday nighting” (as they call it) to stop by for a glass of water, a few desserts and to give us the update on all the local school gossip. In Cheverly it is safe enough for kids to still be kids and have a little freedom while under the watchful eyes of neighbors.

Saturday, September 17th

9:00 am – Cheverly Boys and Girls Club Soccer League

It is our son’s first soccer game of the year, and we head to Town Park ready to cheer him on. The league is organized by the Cheverly Boys and Girls Club, coached by neighborhood parents and offers not only soccer but also basketball and t-ball. The quandary about your child playing in any Cheverly sport is that the opposing team will always have some of their dear neighborhood friends. Although we won 5 – 0, my son remarked a few times that he wished the other team scored at least one point. It is not win at any cost here in Cheverly – we emphasize good sportsmanship and community.

2:00 pm – Impromptu Playdate

Showed up at an impromptu playdate organized on the soccer sidelines. Due to a late summer vacation, I had not seen this group of ladies since mid-summer and there was a lot to catch-up on while the kids played outside. The careers and hobbies of people living in Cheverly are diverse and interesting but love of family and community pulls us together.

4:00 pm – SOS – Soccer Cleats

Realized the soccer cleats I bought my son were too large and didn’t want to head back to the store – so neighborhood listserv to the rescue. One email asking if anyone had size two cleats they didn’t need resulted in a pair delivered to my door within the hour. Cheverly neighbors have each other’s back!

6:00 pm – Cheverly Pride

Spent the evening fixings up my front yard, replanting window boxes and touching up paint. Since I have a house on the town main street, I want to make sure my home can proudly represent what this neighborhood has to offer.

Sunday, September 18th

2:00 pm – SOS #2 – Need a Car

As I mentioned before, Cheverly neighbors have each others’ back! So when a part for my ailing car needed another week to arrive, I asked a neighbor that had a car they don’t use that much if I could rent it from them (instead of driving to the airport to pick up a rental). Offers to pay were rebuffed since I help them out with their kids. But that is what we do here in Cheverly, when we can help we will, even if it means going out of our way.

4:00 pm – Tiger Cub Scouts

My son’s first Cub Scout meeting and it is being run by a brand new neighbor. The family moved here one month ago and is already investing in this community!

5:30 pm – Different Churches – One heart

Gathered together with three other families for our inaugural prayer and Bible study group. Although we attend different churches, we realized this is a group “we do life with” and want to be more intentional with how we invest in each other. Cheverly has many different faiths represented not only with churches in town or nearby, but there are many neighborhood prayer groups, worship opportunities and studies.

This was just a quick snapshot of our weekend, and other weekends are pretty typical to this one. In an area so transient and where many of us do not have family close by, having a strong community you can rely on for fun, support and assistance is amazing. There is something about Cheverly that attracts people open to fostering deep and meaningful relationships. And that is why I choose Cheverly!

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