Fall Activities


Happy Fall! I can’t  believe it’s already here. Truthfully I have a love hate relationship with the fall because it means that winter is coming…and I dread winter. But the beginning of fall, wearing light jackets and running around in pumpkin fields are the BEST. I do love myself a good pumpkin field and that is what I plan to blog about today.

There are two great options for nearby fall activities. If you want to make a quick trip to a pumpkin patch, buy some cider and see a couple animals, Queen Anne Farm is for you. It’s a small, quaint field with a lovely open market where you can buy apple butter, cider, gourds, pumpkins etc. Or you can grab a wagon and go pick your own pumpkin. My second suggestion is to head to Montpelier Farms for their Fall Festival. It’s fun for adults and kids alike but there is an admission fee to get in. I say spend the $ and go on the hay ride, slide down the plastic tubes, get lost in the corn maze and get a hot cup of cider in their barn because that is what you are supposed to do in the fall, right?!

I’d love to hear from my readers. Are there other good options nearby that you love to visit in the fall?


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