Thriftiness is Cool


“Thriftiness is cool”, my friends. I knew it would happen one day. Let me just say that I bought food at Aldi when thriftiness wasn’t quite as cool. And on a side note: buying in Cheverly is cool. Why? You get a way more of a house for your $$. And that IS cool. Don’t let anyone tell you different. Back on point, Aldi is our closest grocery store and it has been deemed “cool”. Here is an excerpt from an article I read today:

In a nutshell, thriftiness is cool. Those who practice it display self-control when they look beyond snob appeal. They demonstrate wisdom when they make discerning judgments about value, quality, and the best bang for their buck. And they show foresight and the ability to delay gratification in order to obtain a better and freer future.

Aldi apparently recognizes this fact and has sought to capitalize on it, keeping their overhead low, cutting the frills, and passing any savings from these measures on to the consumer.

The big news that came from this article was home prices that were in near proximity to an Aldi rose in Britain by 5000 pounds. They call it the “Aldi effect.” They say this about it: “Despite Aldi once being seen as a dowdy and downmarket grocery outlet, it is now the UK’s sixth largest supermarket chain and is widely viewed as a haven for middle-class bargain hunters.

Oh my goodness. Someone is speaking my language here. I am a MIDDLE CLASS BARGAIN HUNTER.  I love it. Yes, it is cool to be thrifty which is why it’s so cool to buy in Cheverly where you can get a home for 300-400K and have an Aldi right down the road. I’ll raise a glass to that!

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