Local Fitness Business: Greenleaf Fitness



Last week I had the joy and honor of taking pictures of these fun kids working out with two Cheverly moms, one who is the owner and founder of Greenleaf Fitness. What is really amazing is that one of the moms who works for Greenleaf Fitness walks kids over from the local elementary school to the Town Park to engage them in physical fitness. These kids were doing burpees, planks, and various other fitness moves…all at an early age. Not only does Greenleaf Fitness work with kids, Anna has classes for adults and personal training sessions as well–all located locally at the Cheverly United Methodist Church in town. I have started taking 30 min personal training sessions with Greenleaf Fitness and couldn’t be happier. I’m learning skills that I can use at home and the prices are incredibly reasonable.

Greenleaf Fitness is also a sponsor of the Cheverly Holiday Home Tour! They are specifically sponsoring the beautiful German Tudor that has the whole town talking. Did you know that the German man who laid the stones for the home brought some of the stones from the Lincoln Memorial Bridge? If you purchase tickets for the tour, food and drink will come with your purchase. At this home, Greenleaf Fitness will offer healthy options. Thank you, Greenleaf!

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