The Grateful Table: Local Personal Chef Service


Oh my word. I’m actually kind of worried for my bank account now that I finally took time to read The Grateful Table’s website. This company is MADE for people like me. I’m gluten and dairy free which can be a challenge in the kitchen–and the past 3 weeks my husband has been travelling. I can’t remember the last time I took my children to any fast food restaurant…but I did this week. Well, we had fast food and we also had the quick ‘go to’ meal if you have nothing left in your kitchen–spaghetti with sauce from a can and green beans from a can heated up in a microwave. Meanwhile all my CSA veggies are sitting in the corner just waiting to be eaten. I don’t have time. I just don’t have the energy. We are a two parent working outside the home with both children in aftercare and it makes it difficult to serve a good, healthy meal. I normally end up doing it but feel exhausted at the end of the night and into the next morning. That is where The Grateful Table comes in. On their website they mention that there service is for people like me (ha!):

Do you find yourself struggling to find time and energy to prepare meals or to eat healthier?

Are your daily stresses and obligations keeping you from fully appreciating and enjoying what matters most to you?

Are you tired of eating out or spending money on unsatisfying takeout?

The Grateful Table can help!

Let us handle your meal planning, shopping, prep, cooking and kitchen cleanup so that all you have to do is come home and enjoy a delicious meal made specifically for you.

The Grateful Table provides delicious farm to table meals as a healthy alternative to processed food, bringing you back to the dinner table and giving you precious time to relax and enjoy what matters most.

Our mission is to provide custom-made healthy meals that showcase the availability and quality of local and sustainably produced ingredients made with mindfulness and gratitude to those who help us bring these ingredients to your table.

The good news is that The Grateful Table is a local business, out of Cheverly, MD. Let’s support them! And…even better, they are sponsors for The Cheverly Holiday Home Tour! Their home baked treats will be displayed at Mount Hope, 1 Cheverly Circle on the Home Tour.  Thank you so much, Grateful Table.

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