1834, The Oldest Home in Cheverly: Mount Hope



I’m so excited about today’s post! Last night I was able to get some photos taken at Mount Hope. Mount Hope…do you know what I’m talking about? I didn’t until recently and I’ve lived in Cheverly for 12 years. Mount Hope is the oldest home in Cheverly and it is the home featured on our town seal. In fact there are many interesting facts about this home:

Mount Hope was constructed in 1839 (although parts of the house date back to 1782 including the wood in the kitchen) by Fielder Magruder.  After Margruder’s death in 1888, the property changed hands a number of times and was bought by Robert Marshall in 1918. Marshall lived in Mount Hope and founded the town of Cheverly. Here’s one of Cheverly’s earliest ad’s with Mount Hope pictured on it:


Here is a map that dates back to 1861 with Fielder Magruder’s name on it. That is Mount Hope:

This home is the real deal. If you love history, it is a site to see. Thankfully the lovely owners who have lived in Cheverly for over 30 years now are opening their home to the public to be viewed on the Cheverly Holiday Home Tour. Buy tickets now for the December 3rd viewing. All proceeds will go to the Cheverly Weekday Nursery and are tax deductible.

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