Shop Local: Shortcake Bakery, owned and operated by Chevery resident


To be honest, I’d never stepped into Shortcake Bakery until a week ago. It’s not because I don’t love cake, I do. In fact, I made cakes for a number of years at Baskin Robbins. It’s because later on in life I discovered I have NCGS (non-celiac gluten sensitivity) so I have to drive a ways to get a cake fix. It makes me sad, especially after I saw all the delightful goodies that Shortcake Bakery has… (and trust me, they all looked amazing)

Last week I found myself in the Bakery doing my ‘sponsorship’ run for the Cheverly Holiday Home Tour. I was determined to find some sponsors for the Cheverly Weekday Nursery fundraiser. Because we are serving holiday cookies on the tour, I thought Shortcake Bakery could be a good option for an ask. Not only is Shortcake Bakery nearby (think right down the road from Franklin’s) on Route 1, it’s owned and operated by a Cheverly resident, Cheryl Harrington. Cheryl has lived in Cheverly for a number of years now. Her parents owned a bakery so this job is a perfect fit for her. Cheryl was so gracious with her time and sat down to talk to me. What a lovely woman! She is a strong supporter of our local public schools and promotes art work. On the evening of Dec 3rd Cheryl is donating some of her amazing looking cookies to the Cheverly Home Tour. The cookies will be available at 1 Cheverly Circle, the historical home alongside coffee and tea.

Cheryl not only has sweet options available for purchase, but savory as well. Her Jamaican Patties were featured in the Washingtonian’s cheap eats and this is an excerpt from the Post: Todd Kliman was therefore the first person I invited to tag along on a tour of eateries outside the District, specifically Northern Virginia, where some of our mutual interests lie. I met Kliman at Vigilante, near his Maryland home, for a bracing espresso and an update on the immediate area, where neighbors can find a Chipotle-style Indian treat (Spice 6) and Jamaican meat patties that taste of the tropics (Shortcake Bakery). A home-grown roaster known for its careful sourcing of beans, Vigilante is one of several signs of a percolating food pocket just outside the District. Celebrity chef Mike Isabella is planning to extend his Greek-themed brand, Kapnos, to nearby College Park, and pizza guru Ruth Gresser is eyeing a summer 2016 roll-out for another Pizzeria Paradiso, alongside the Arts Work Studio School in Hyattsville.

A huge thank you to Shortcake Bakery for your support for the Cheverly Weekday Nursery and Holiday Home Tour!

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