Diverse Cheverly.


So what can you say after last night? I wasn’t going to blog this morning because 1) I’m too tired. I can’t remember the last time I stayed up until 2am in the morning and 2) I almost didn’t have the words. But then I remembered the wonderful time I had touring a distillery with my Chev friends this summer and the pictures I took above. I grew up in middle America, Oklahoma City to be exact. To be honest, I didn’t have one friend who was a Democrat. All of my friends from back home are card carrying Republicans. And that is wonderful. They are wonderful.

Fast forward 7 years while I lived in Europe and somehow I landed back in the States, this time in Washington DC and 3 years after that, Cheverly. Of course I met Democrats while I lived on Capitol Hill, but only remember getting to be close friends with one or two.

One of the many reasons I Choose Cheverly is because of the diversity of love and friendships in this town. Meet Jen and Jen in the picture above. Jen E. is a staunch Democrat. Jen D, a staunch Republican, having worked for the Bush administration a few years back. Here they are in their Tom’s R and D shoes standing in front of an American flag. They are friends. They have respect for one another. I love them both and I’m grateful for their friendship. It has been my experience that in Cheverly, Republicans and Democrats interact. How does this happen? We have so much in common and we have so many shared activities: our love for county (Cheverly Legion, Cheverly Scouts) , our desire to raise our children with morals and values in a loving environment (Cheverly Weekday Nursery, Cheverly Parents Resource Center) , our concern for the elderly (Cheverly Village), our care for the environment (Friends of Lower Beaverdam Creek), and our love for a vibrant interactive community (Cheverly Community Market). I’ve discovered (since living in Cheverly) that people who hold very different political opinions are more alike than I once thought. I’ve discovered that there are some amazing people (who both love the USA) who call themselves Republicans AND Democrats. I discovered that I can and love to have deep, intense, meaningful conversations with people who think differently than me. I wish every American could live in such a diverse community where people still show respect for their neighbors.

And those are my thoughts this morning. I’m feeling pain for my brothers and sisters in Cheverly who fought hard to see and expected Hillary to win. I feel joy for my brothers and sisters in Cheverly who wanted Trump to win.

Next week after we have caught up on our sleep we will be getting ready for Thanksgiving and our Home Tour,  I will give thanks to the Lord for the place He has chose for me to call home. And that is why I Choose Cheverly.

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