Christmas Cocktails, Cookies, Chili, Smores, Holiday Beer and much much more!


I was at a Birthday party in town this weekend talking to a friend. She mentioned that she bought one ticket to the Home Tour. I wondered why her husband wasn’t coming so I probed a bit. She thought that he wouldn’t be interested in walking into a bunch of different homes. OH NO I thought… The Cheverly Holiday Home Tour is not like other home tours. It’s going to be like a party at every home while you mix and mingle with your neighbors and friends. What do I mean? Normally a home tour consists of walking into a home, checking it out and then going to the next one. Not in Cheverly. The parents of the Weekday Nursery students are going all out making with festive music, cocktails, having holiday beer, coffee and tea, hot chocolate and red wine and margaritas. Not only that, they are serving holiday cookies from The Grateful Table and Shortcake Bakery, food from Taco Rico, Fratteli’s, cake from Sweet Bobbie’s cakes, chili and cornbread, make your own smores and heavy appetizers. It’s going to be a blast.

Now here comes my ask. I know so many of you out there are coming on the tour. I’m the parent in charge of keeping tab of our attendees. Many of you are waiting until the last minute to buy your ticket. That’s fine, but we would love to know how many people are coming so we can prepare our food and drink accordingly. Please buy your tickets soon. and spread the word to your friends and neighbors.

My home is on the tour and I just had some wallpaper put up with custom drapes and pillows. I am so looking forward to meeting my readers and/or introducing new people to our great town. I hope to see you there!

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