Let’s Talk Real Estate: Cheverly West

imageimageimageimageimageimageimageThis is a great home. In fact, my husband doesn’t know that I saw it and that is probably a good thing because I want it now. I really do. Check out the bones of a new Cheverly 3000 sq ft home. It has a deck, a two car garage, fireplace, closet space and much more. I couldn’t be more excited about these new homes popping up near Tuxedo Road. The future is looking bright for Cheverly and for the land on Tuxedo Road. I could say a ton more but I’d encourage my readers to hear all the details from the horses mouth. You too can meet the owner of the home and hear his vision for the area tomorrow. Stop by Cheverly West from 1-4 on Saturday and bring your business card. You could win a honey baked ham and some wine for doing so. I’d call that a win win! Hope to see you there! http://cheverlywest.com

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  1. Julie says:

    This subdivision isn’t within the Cheverly boundaries so you will not get all the Cheverly benefits, what a bummer.

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