My Letter to the Editor


Oh yes I did. I sat down and wrote this letter to the editor:

A week in a half ago I spearheaded a fundraiser for my child’s preschool, a Holiday Home Tour. It wasn’t your ordinary Holiday Home Tour, the Tour included cocktails and food in every home and featured a historic home dating back to the 1700’s. It turned out to be an extraordinary Home Tour. We had big named real estate sponsors from DC who bought tickets for their clients to show off a neighborhood recently dubbed as one of the ten “up and coming Washington DC neighborhoods to buy a home.” So what neighborhood was it? I’m glad you asked. It was the lovely, safe, 1950’s type community feel where everyone knows their neighbors: Cheverly, Maryland. Now I know, you probably haven’t heard of Cheverly, MD. I mean, isn’t that the neighborhood that is in Prince George’s County? How could that be one of the ten up and coming DC neighborhood’s to buy a home? I haven’t even heard about it before. I either received silence or those type of responses when I tried to get some media coverage for the Home Tour and our neighborhood in general. Not only have I spent the past couple of years trying to drum up support for my hood on a blog (, I’ve tried to get our neighborhood name on sites such as Curbed or DC Urban Turf or Greater Greater Washington to no avail. I thought my PR campaign for Cheverly would at least gain some headway. After all I have tons of friends in the media, I was the Vice President of the Senate Press Secretaries Association and have worked in The Capitol for the last 8 years. My contacts came in handy when my husband was in the running for a men’s fashion blog as Roll Call wrote an article to help drum up support. Unfortunately when it comes to a safe neighborhood in Prince Georges County we have a hard time getting attention. My conclusion: Prince George’s County has a huge stigma to help overcome. Who wants to help us spearhead an effort to turn that around?

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