5 and 600K!


Neighbors. I have some exciting news for you. The three homes above have sold for over a half million dollars. Can I just say, it’s about time? Now they are all fairly large homes and two are absolutely new- but still, this is good news for our neighborhood. The blue home on top sold for 560K, the middle sold for 609K, and the bottom home (which I absolutely love) sold for 540K.

I also wanted to report that our crime rate has been incredibly low, I think we had the lowest crime ever in November. Someone please correct me if I’m wrong. Last week I went to go visit someone in DC and even though I was in a fairly safe neighborhood, I didn’t feel so safe. I’ve never had that feeling in Cheverly so i have to say praise God for our incredible police and community who is on the look out for crime.

And that’s all for today. 🙂 I hope all of you have a great week…

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  1. John McGuirk says:

    Lisa, I really do like the sales prices of these homes. Sure helps our property values. It is nice to see that the rambled sold for over 5K. Keep those values increasing

    As an aside, I am a little bit disappointed you won’t discuss your insurance coverage with me. $o much for supporting a local businessman.

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