Cheverly’s New Motto: Give us your riff raff


Yesterday I had a really good laugh. I had no idea that the folks in Alexandria, VA were fighting a battle to keep Taco Bell out of their neighborhood. I mean, here in Cheverly we pick and choose our fights. Last month we got up in arms about a 350 bed reentry prison facility going in only a few feet away from our pool and parks. I’d welcome a Taco Bell. Taco Bell, you are welcome here in Cheverly.  When a couple of people from Cheverly posted about this feud that Alexandria just won, someone from Cheverly wrote: Cheverly’s new motto: Give us your riff raff, yearning for a nighttime burrito fix. 

So I just want to say to the folks in Alexandria, VA who don’t want a restaurant that doesn’t have forks, the riff raff folks you mentioned….well, they are welcome here in Cheverly, MD. And Taco Bell, come build one of your restaurants on Tuxedo Road. 🙂


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