Things Are Looking Up! Cheverly in 2030


Have you heard that Cheverly has a final sector plan? I’m hoping to take time to read it all and summarize it here. Needless to say, we should be excited. Things are looking up for us! Here is the explanation of what they expect Cheverly to look like in 2030:

In 2030, the Greater Cheverly area is … attractive and vibrant, and is a destination of choice in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan region. The area is a gateway to Prince George’s County that boasts thriving commercial districts, high quality employment opportunities, and innovative industries. It is characterized by a high quality of life, with a strong sense of cohesion between its residential neighborhoods and commercial areas. Anchored by the Town of Cheverly, the Greater Cheverly area is known as an exceptional place to live, work, and shop, where diverse residents of all ages, cultures, and economic backgrounds are welcome. The Greater Cheverly area has distinct and identifiable residential neighborhoods that include housing opportunities for singles, couples, families, and the elderly. Each of these unique neighborhoods— Landover Knolls, Radiant Valley, Englewood, Newton Village, Oaklyn, and Cheverly—have a strong sense of place with municipalities and active civic groups providing local leadership and advocacy. Strong community engagement enhances the Greater Cheverly area’s reputation as highly sought-after destination of choice. Years of protecting and preserving historic sites and resources have provided the Town of Cheverly a regional and national spotlight as an important example of 20th Century suburban development. The adaptive reuse of the historic Fairmont Heights High School has created a valuable community asset that honors deep community legacies while providing spaces to accommodate a diverse array of community services, programs and amenities. Characterized by safe, historic and walkable neighborhoods, the Greater Cheverly area features high-quality schools, plentiful parks and recreation opportunities, active libraries and community gathering places. New higher-density developments include a mix of residential, commercial, and retail uses at the former Prince George’s County Hospital site, on Addison Road, and in transitioning industrial areas along Tuxedo Road and Arbor Street. These newly redeveloped areas blend well with existing neighborhoods, while accommodating evolving market demands for additional housing types and mixed-use community amenities. Publicly accessible community gathering places in new developments host regular vendors’ markets and seasonal cultural programming that bring the community together. Landover Road is a thriving main street and a link between the Town of Cheverly and the nearby neighborhoods, providing a corridor of activity that is popular for dining and shopping. The industrial areas along Kenilworth Avenue and Tuxedo Road are thriving industrial districts, characterized by innovation and strong employment. Aesthetic improvements include attractive new and rehabilitated buildings reflecting the area’s importance to the region. While remaining a prime location for production, distribution, and repair businesses, the Greater Cheverly area’s industrial districts have experienced growth in a variety of continuing and emerging sectors, including new technologies, start-ups, and small-scale production enterprises. Improved physical site conditions in industrial districts have supported investment and attracted commercial tenants that serve local, resident, and worker needs by clustering retail, offering attractive streetscaping, and organizing signage. Residents and visitors can easily and safely walk or bicycle to the Cheverly Metro Station via improved roadways leading to and across US 50. The Greater Cheverly area is celebrated throughout the region for its environmental stewardship lush, green tree canopy; and network of green corridors. Street improvements throughout the area accommodate all modes of travel to provide easy connections for cars, bicycles, and pedestrians. There are numerous connections that provide safe pathways and recreational trails for bicycles and pedestrians to move through and beyond the area, including connections to the Anacostia Trail and access to the Anacostia River and Lower Beaverdam Creek. Environmental stewardship and sustainability are integral to daily life. Area parks provide outdoor recreational opportunities for a wide variety of uses, ranging from activities such as organized sports, jogging, and dog parks, to locations for quiet reflection and wildlife viewing. Recreational meeting spaces are located throughout the area, providing for community interaction and engagement in activities, such as fitness classes, classroom programs, seminars, and lectures.

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  1. Stephen Matthew Smith says:

    All of this could have been listed in one short paragraph rather then Corporate Speak. I grew up in Cheverly from 1952 until early 1969. Cheverly was a great town with all the things you said you want it to be. What’s wrong with keeping it as a warm friendly town that it was, is and could be.

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