My Musings


Today I’m going to share some of my inner thoughts. My musings.

I’ve hated to blog lately. Have you noticed? It might have something to do with winter, the lack of amazing homes on the market, the loss of my really expensive camera (yes, lost it while flying down to Florida) or just the lack of anything spectacular happening in our area. Debbie downer, I know. I’m just so looking forward to the Cheverly pool opening and summertime in general.

Today I felt like writing, so here I am. I wanted to share with you some things that really have gotten me excited lately and one of those is peanut butter. HA. I know, I’m writing about peanut butter but I don’t care because it is my blog after all. I’ve had so many medical issues related to food and my gut and finally found an amazing medical practical in Annapolis called Chesapeake Holistic. They have been helping me heal my body and it is working. What this means though is that I’m very limited as to what I can eat. I can eat peanuts but I cannot have all of the rest of the ingredients that store bought cans of peanut butter contain. Alas, this is where GLUT comes in. It’s my new favorite store found in Mt. Rainier. They have 3 machines that contain fresh organic nuts. One makes peanut butter, one cashew and the other almond butter. This is the real deal and one pound (see pic above) costs just under $4.50. I smother it on my other new favorite item from Costco which is the rice rollers.

Because I work on Capitol Hill where everyone is stressed out all the time, I think it is ok for me to get excited about peanut butter. And that’s all for today.

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