Biscuit Drive-Thru?



Attention Biscuit lovers. A biscuit drive thru is coming close to Cheverly.

Expect morning and afternoon menus from chef Jason Gehring at the Drive Thru. Mornings will focus primarily on breakfast sandwiches, including various combinations of egg, cheese, bacon and sausage. Later in the day, the menu expands with salads and more sandwiches, among them fried chicken (classic, cordon bleu or club), pulled pork and beef and Cheddar. Mason Dixie will also be debuting fried chicken pieces, which you’ll be able to buy on their own, in buckets or in boxes with such sides as collard greens, cheese grits and dirty rice.

For dessert, the Mason Dixie team has partnered with ice cream purveyor Milk Cult. The two businesses met while working together at incubator Union Kitchen, though now both will move their production to the new Mason Dixie location. (Mason Dixie has a booming business in wholesale frozen biscuits, which will continue, and likely grow, with the additional room.) Milk Cult will serve ice cream by the scoop, ice cream sandwiches and “Cultshakes,” or hand-spun milkshakes.

Stop by after they open next month: 2301 Bladensburg Rd NE…think around the corner from Dunkin Donuts at Bladensburg and NY Ave.

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  1. lisawink2014 says:

    Awesome. Thanks Aimee!

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