Housing Prices on the Rise in Prince George’s County. Meanwhile, Home Prices in Arlington are Falling.


The breakout county continues to be Prince George’s County, the Maryland county hardest hit by the housing downturn and by foreclosure inventory.

In Prince George’s County, the median selling prices in March was $268,500, still the lowest median price by county in the metro, but that’s up 14.3 percent from a year ago.

“The number of distressed houses there delayed the recovery, but if you take a look at the price increases and the volume of sales, they are in full recovery now and catching up to their record highs from a number of years back,” Strauch said.


Lack of housing inventory continues to be a problem throughout the Washington region, but Prince George’s and Montgomery counties in Maryland have far surpassed other jurisdictions in the area when it comes to price appreciation.

“Buyers are coming to Prince George’s County in larger numbers from the city, other counties and within the county because of lower prices,” said Fulton. “Buyers are realizing they can stay close to their employment and pay much less than they do in Fairfax County or Montgomery County.”

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