Let’s Talk Local: GNS Elementary School

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I cannot say enough about the parents in Cheverly who have been working non-stop to make this school great. Two weeks ago I was in the local hospital and some friends from Cheverly came up to be with me. We ended up talking schools and about all of the wonderful things happening at Gladys Noon Spellman. Did you know that a number of parents from our community are running this PTA and finding every way possible to give the students the best education? They have worked to beautify the school, update the teacher’s lounge etc.

So… this is where you come in. They are having a fundraiser to get a outdoor classroom and learning lab. The PTA got a grant (that is willing to pay $130,000) but their part is to raise $10,000… whoa. Again, this is where you and I come in. They are having a Zumbathon. Zumba, I love it, but some people don’t. Thanks ok, even if you don’t want to dance that evening, buy a ticket for $20 at http://www.spellmanpta.org  and click on the donate tab. For more info about the outdoor classroom see this link: http://www.realschoolgardens.org/  Please please consider donating to this great cause.  Thank you.


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