Cheverly Community Market Season Opening!

When I think of the Cheverly Community Market, I think of the fresh fruits and veggies that we can buy. Above are a few pictures that I’ve been able to take while shopping…meanwhile while I’m trying to maneuver my camera, my kids are running around with cucumbers 🙂 And that’s how we roll at the…

Real Estate Update: Bidding Wars!

Rumor has it that many of the homes listed in Cheverly are going for much higher than their listing price. There are bidding wars! (and there should be when you can get a house around here in the 300,000 range) Here’s the latest that have sold: Above home sold for: 398,500 384,000 385K 425K 390K

Cheverly: The Holy Grail of Neighbors

The Cheverly moms and dads have been sending around the article below on Facebook: Here are 10 signs you, too, have found the holy grail of neighbors… They make you feel special :: Feeling sick? They’ll bring you soup. It’s your birthday? They’ll buy you flowers. Had a baby? They will take your tiny, hollering human…

Cheverly Swim and Racquet Club Opening Weekend!

This is why you want to join the Cheverly Swim and Racquet Club. Don’t wait to sign up. It’s a blast and I just need to say that I’m THRILLED that it is opening this weekend. (Saturday to be exact) If you are new, check out their website: Happy swimming.

Cheverly Day: Musings on Community

Children are not designed, by nature, to attach just to the mother, or just to the mother and father. They are, for good biological reasons, designed to form multiple attachments, to many of the people in a community.  It is important to recognize here that the private nuclear family, living in a house apart from…

All You Need to Know: Cheverly Day

I spent the first few years of living here as a single person not attending Cheverly Day. Why? Because I had no idea what it was… Now I know more about Cheverly and so look forward to the weekend. I even cancelled a NYC trip this weekend so I could be here for it!  Thankfully…

Top 5 Roaster in the County: Vigilante Coffee

I know, Cheverly needs a coffee shop…but thankfully Vigilante has moved in down the road and they are a top 5 roaster in the country. Check out their news: The folks at Vigilante Coffee Co. have a lot to celebrate these days: new cafe service style, new menu items, new location opening in College Park….

Wednesday Musings and Hot Links

I don’t want to keep apologizing for being MIA on this blog, but I need to again. Life is so full right now with lots of wonderful activities, especially in Cheverly and the blog has taken a back seat. I’m ok with that, I just felt the need to explain. There is so much to…

And It’s Euclid Park for the Win!

Only in Cheverly do children get to vote alongside their parents! How cute is this? At the town council election yesterday, Cheverly’s future voters got to vote on their favorite town park. Thought everyone would enjoy seeing… And it’s Euclid park for the win!