Wednesday Musings and Hot Links


I don’t want to keep apologizing for being MIA on this blog, but I need to again. Life is so full right now with lots of wonderful activities, especially in Cheverly and the blog has taken a back seat. I’m ok with that, I just felt the need to explain. There is so much to do in our little town. On Sunday night I had some Cheverly ladies over for some wine. I invited a new Cheverly resident and we went around the circle sharing some advice for being new in our community. It was fascinating. The overall opinion was: GET INVOLVED WITH ONE GROUP at least. Whether it be bunko, CHIPS (the pot luck group), volleyball team, running group, work out group and the like. And if you are new and want a real feel for our neighborhood, attend Cheverly Day and Cheverly Prom.

Both are a blast and this year we will also have a Cheverly parade. I will be there carrying a I Choose Cheverly banner. (for real.)

On another note, I wanted to highlight two articles for you all to read. One is about a company that just moved its headquarters to New Carrollton which is a 5 min drive down the road. Employees at 2U need to consider moving to Cheverly. And by the way, why did this happen? Because New Carrollton is going to be a new place in a couple of years. Exciting! Another article is about good news for Prince George’s County shifting into high gear economically. Happy reading.

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