Move to Cheverly! Get a Bang for Your Buck…and Low Crime to Boot


Crime in CheverlyCrime brookland

Check out the crime stats above. One is for Cheverly and it’s practically blank. Our crime has been really low lately and for that, I’m grateful. We are blessed to feel so safe in Cheverly. The next picture is crime stats in Brookland near the house that is for sale below. This 2000 sq ft home is on sale for 1,099,000 and has recently been flipped. It’s beautiful and well groomed but…look at the crime stats. Would you say its worth it? Please comment below.


On the other hand, we have a home in Cheverly that is the same size. It was just listed:


It’s a cape cod that I’d love to help spruce up the curb appeal. If you simply spent a couple thousand dollars, you could really make a difference. The home is on the market for 374,900 K. And the crime in the area, barely any. So if you are considering buying a home in the area, consider Cheverly.

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